There are numerous concerts, musicals and events that will take place in 2020 atCatania (PalaCatania). Below, we update you on what has already been planned (being updated!):

Metropolitan, January 16: concert of Nek

PalaCatania, January 24: concert of Gazzelle

Metropolitan, February 4: concert of Negrita

PalaCatania, February 22: musical “La Divina Commedia”

PalaCatania, March 6: concert of Modà

PalaCatania, March 19: musical “Notre Dame de Paris”

Metropolitan, March 19: concert of Le Vibrazioni

Metropolitan, April 14: concert of Massimo Ranieri

PalaCatania, May 9: concert of Marracash

PalaCatania, October 20: concert of Emma

PalaCatania, November 6: concert of Tommaso Paradiso

PalaCatania, November 21: concert of Gianna Nannini

The PalaCatania of Corso Indipendenza (Catania) is located just 8 minutes by car from the Bed, Book & Breakfast Landolina (but it is possible – and advisable – to reach it also on foot, in about 15 minutes).

The Metropolitan theater of via Sant’Euplio can be reached in just 10 minutes on foot from the Bed, Book & Breakfast Landolina.

Tickets can be found online on the usual way.