As you already know, our Italy (but unfortunately now also the whole world) is going through the worst crisis of the last centuries. The evil called Covid or Coronavirus is causing many (too many!) Deaths in terms of people, but is likely to do as many in the form of companies. In fact, the economic crisis that is emerging from it is difficult to stem, especially for small businesses.

Among these small or very small businesses there are also those of tourism. And of course ours too. We are closed from February 29th and, to date, we have no idea when it will be possible to start again. Obviously, no state decree has forced us to close (we are not included in the list of activities that are necessarily closed), but we made this choice because it would have been somewhat complicated to manage a reservation.

If anything a reservation had arrived! Yes, because it is already from mid-February that our B&B does not receive any reservation, even for a very long time. And every day we receive cancellations of the reservations that we already had (distressing us). To meet “missed” customers, we have always chosen to refund every euro spent on deposits, so much so that our “earnings” for the month of March were zero (indeed, less than zero. Because the costs obviously remained ). And so they will be in April. And so maybe even in the following months.

To date there are also many doubts not only of “when” can be restarted, but also of “how”. You know very well that B & Bs are sharing spaces, where “social distancing” is something that goes in the opposite direction. The B&B is the “melting pot” par excellence, the place where people of various nationalities, with many different customs and habits, with diversified habits, meet either around a breakfast table or in other common areas. And it has always been a pleasure to meet you, your “habits and customs”, your life and travel stories. It was also a pleasure to hear you chat with you. Yes, but when it starts again, how will you do it?

Are we really willing to give up this desire for mutual knowledge? Are we willing to hide our smiles behind a mask? Are we willing to greet you from afar? Are we willing to wash our hands, eyes and everything compulsively after giving you a simple cup of coffee, or helping you get a suitcase upstairs?

All of this is something that to date, April 13, 2020, we cannot answer. Bed, Book & Breakfast Landolina has always been a joy … because traveling in itself is a joy. Here, in fact, is the journey: how many will be willing to travel with automaton conditions and with a thousand different worries, at least for a period that is expected to be long enough?

So what will be the solution? We honestly don’t know. Or maybe we delude ourselves that we don’t know.