“Le vie tesori” is back in Sicily, the fortunate extraordinary opening of museums, archaeological areas, palaces and churches usually “hidden”, which every year makes the boom of visitors ready to listen to the words of the local guides.

Even Catania, as every year, will participate in the event that has the patronage of the Sicily Region. There are 20 “extraordinary openings” located mostly in the city center: from the Antica Bottega dei pupari to Castello Ursino; from the Bonajuto Chapel to the Church of Santa Chiara; from the Bastione degli Infetti to the Ex Industria Ega. A complete list can be found at: https://leviedeitesori.com/luoghi-catania

To participate in these guided tours, which will take place on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in October and the first weekend in November, you will need to purchase a coupon. There are three types: one for 18 euros (which entitles you to 10 different entrances); one for 10 euros (which entitles you to 4 entrances) and then there is the single ticket which costs 3 euros. For more information and to purchase coupons, please visit the website: www.leviedeitesori.com.