1)Bed, Book & Breakfast Landolina…what is it?
Bed, Book & Breakfast Landolina is an apartment built in late nineteenth-century, in the baroque historical heart of Catania city.
Furnished with fun creativity and attention to detail and design offers three rooms where you can enjoy authentic Sicilian hospitality.
The BBB offers a selection of books that can be freely available to read, and a reading room where you can chat with Pirandello, sip a coffee with Verga, converse with Vittorini, or savor a granita with Sciascia.
First Bed, Book & Breakfast in Eastern Sicily aims to combine Sicilian hospitality and passion for reading.

Bed, Book & Breakfast…a more letter “B” for a new form of ospitality

Sicily has always been a land of hospitality and Catania is the perfect mix of culture, outstanding natural features and landscapes, sea and nightlife with the most active volcano in the world in the background. Aware of this we wanted to add a B to the classic Bed & Breakfast because we want to propose a new form of holiday, which combines the warm and colorful Sicilian hospitality to what has always been a safe haven from the same daily droll, the place where we can enjoy a well-deserved rest: the book. In this way was born the idea to make available a reading room with books that you can freely consult, as you would normally do in your homes during your free time and relaxed moments. The target?? Make you feel at home in the middle of a holiday in Catania.

2)The style and…the special guests
The BBB combines modern eclecticism and personal style. The result? A welcoming, comfortable and functional environment, where there are no lack of creative design elements. The furniture perfectly reflects this stylistic choice: this is how the nineteenth century meets contemporary elements creating a pleasant contrast.
There are three rooms, all with a literary theme.
Love, passion, hope and dreams are the themes of the first room, dedicated to Charlotte, Anne and Emily Brontë.
The second room is dedicated to the fantastic worlds and the adventurous explorations of the traveler par excellence Jules Verne.
The strong, passionate and even contradictory character of Sicily is instead the focus of the largest room. It is dedicated to our land and to the one who with his novels has been able to give a precise characterization of the contemporary Sicilian: Andrea Camilleri, father of the now international commissioner Montalbano but also of many other characters.

3)Bed, Book & Breakfast…and the city
Bed, Book & Breakfast Landolina is located at the corner between the historic Vittorio Emanuele street and Landolina street in the most central, cultural and trendy area of the city of Catania.
Near the Beb are museums, historic buildings and eighteenth-century churches, while on foot you can reach typical restaurants, pubs and trendy clubs of the Catania’s nightlife. We are just two minutes (on foot) from the Duomo of Catania and the Etnea street, just as close we have the sea.
In addition, just in front of the B & B is the bus stop, which connects the airport, the station and many other strategic points of the city.
From the private balconies of our rooms and from our terrace you can enjoy an all-Catania panorama, a good view of the dome of the Cathedral and other churches in the city center, but also of the sea and our mountain: the Etna volcano.